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Get a Side Job and Make Extra Money

Finding extra money in your budget to pay down debt, contribute to an emergency savings account or even take a well-deserved vacation can be difficult. But if you think a surprise inheritance from a long-lost wealthy relative or winning the lottery are the only ways you will ever see extra cash, think again. There are plenty of side jobs that offer decent pay in exchange for just a few hours of your time and effort. They key to  making a side job really payoff is putting the extra money you make towards a specific purpose, rather than just rolling it into your regular bank account.

Here are a few money-making side jobs to consider:

Mystery Shopper- Retail stores, restaurants, car dealerships and other businesses want honest, constructive feedback on their products and services, and they hire mystery shoppers to provide it. The most successful mystery shoppers provide thorough, detailed feedback to help business improve. Unfortunately, scammers have capitalized on the popularity of mystery shopping, so you have to investigate mystery shopping opportunities to ensure they are legit. The best way to do that is by starting with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, which requires businesses to adhere to mystery shopping code of ethics.

Focus Group Member- If you want to get paid to give your opinion (and who doesn’t?) focus groups are a great way to make some extra cash. Register with a local market research company, and when they have a client who is looking for opinions from those in your demographic group, you will receive a call to come in. Focus groups generally last 1-3 hours and most pay in cash or check the same day.

Tutor- If you are a math whiz or a grammar guru (or just a general smarty-pants) use your brain to make some extra money by tutoring. Register with a local learning center and you will be called on when a student needs some help learning your area of expertise.

Pet-sitter- Everyone with pets has the same dilemma: who is going to care for them when they are out of town? That is where you come in. If you love animals and don’t mind being away from home for a few nights, offer your services as a pet sitter. Do some research into the going rates for kennels and other pet sitters in your area, and price your services accordingly. (Not into pets? Offer house sitting services to those who want their place to look lived-in while they are away).

Artist- Whether it is making jewelry, knitting, sewing, painting or any other creatively crafty endeavor, you can make it pay by becoming a seller on Etsy. This online marketplace for hand-made and vintage goods can be a great source of extra income. And you will get paid to do something you love.


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