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5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know You Can Rent


Most of us have rented cars and hotel rooms, but what about renting textbook, fitness equipment or even Legos? There are many things available to rent that you have probably never considered, but renting rather than buying an be a real money saver; especially for things you only use occasionally. You should also consider renting as a way to try before you buy when contemplating a large purchase.

Take a look at this list of things you probably didn’t know you could rent.

Sports and Fitness Equipment- We have all heard about (or seen in our homes) the treadmill or stair stepper that slowly morphs into a very expensive clothing rack. Instead of getting stuck with a piece of pricey fitness equipment that might not be right for you, try out a few different varieties by renting them first. Many retailers also offer sports equipment to rent. Renting rather than buying gives you the freedom to find an exercise or sport you know you will keep doing, even after the novelty wears off.

Textbooks- Buying books can take up a huge chunk of a starving students budget. And with publishers constantly pumping out new editions, they typically lose a good chunk of their worth over the course of the semester, so selling them back doesn’t do much good. Next semester, try renting your textbooks. Renting can save you up to 70% over purchasing. Visit www.chegg.com to learn more.

Lego Sets- You read that correctly. You can actually rent Lego sets for your kids rather than buying them. The advantages are many: less initial cash output, more variety and you’re not stuck with bins and bins of Legos taking up valuable storage space. You can try the Lego rental service free at pley.com

Camping Gear- Let’s go camping! It sounds like a great idea. Until you realize you don’t have a tent, or a camping stove, sleeping bags, or anything else you need to make camping fun and safe. Buying all of it at once could set you back hundreds of dollars. You’re better off renting it the first time you go, then deciding if it is something you will do often enough to warrant investing in your own equipment.

Wedding Dresses- While renting the groom’s tuxedo has been a common practice for years, the bride is expected to walk down the aisle wearing a dress that she paid hundreds- if not thousands- of dollars for. A dress she will never wear again, and that will most likely go into storage forever. Instead, rent the dress for a fraction of the cost and spend the money on the honeymoon. Check out www.renttherunway.com or www.barrowingmagnolia.com to see the huge range of styles available.


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